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Puppa Design - Sustainability

1. Environmental effect of fashion industry

Because of fashion’s linear model of take, make and waste, the fashion industry has earned itself a place among the most polluting industries worldwide as it creates mountains of overproduction waste and chemical impacts to water and land. Fashion industry is 2nd biggest polluter in the world, creating tons of toxic waste. On average it creates 15% of leftovers en route to production, on top of that 30% of all clothes produced never gets sold and 12.8 million tons of clothes end up at landfills each year. Nearly 60% of all clothing ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being produced. We need to step up and stop this madness before it will be too late.

2. Remanufacturing of deadstock and leftover fabrics

At Puppa, we want to radically change the fashion industry with our sustainable and ethical practices. We tackle fashion industry problems by using unsold clothes (deadstock) and unused leftover fabrics as our input materials. This process allows us to create clothes without the hefty carbon foot print and toxic materials that come with production of fabrics as well as reducing water and energy usage.
Remanufacturing of deadstock and leftover fabrics is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce clothes. It is also a great win-win business case to promote both circular economy (we are saving these materials from being sent to landfills and giving them new life cycle) as well as supply chain transparency.

Puppa Design - Sustainability
Puppa Design - Sustainability

3. No stock model

We are tackling fashion industry problems with our no stock model, where we only create on-demand and custom-fit clothing pieces if there is someone to wear it. The experience and knowledge of our team then turns every clothing piece not only into exclusive design but also into a long term companion for you as the high quality production guarantees long life spam of each clothing piece.

4. Ethical workplace

Puppa is a brand that looks to the future and understands the importance of sustaining a local economy. Therefore we value our experienced and highly skilled professionals with a fair salary, with stimulating and balanced working environment and by offering a chance to use their creativity and knowledge.
We make everything in sustainable way on-demand and custom-fit in our ethical workplace in Murska Sobota, Slovenia.

Puppa Design - Sustainability
Puppa Design - Made to Measure

5. Change the world of fashion

Join us in changing the world of fashion as it exists today and enter the Slow Fashion movement by creating your own custom made to measure Puppa clothing piece. Because only together, we can really make a change.